Forces of the Old Order

(Loyalist) Army of the Homeland (LAH) - conscripts, obsolete armour

Policia - poorly equipped regulars, motorised

Colonial Army (CA) - well equipped veterans, motorised,

Loyalist Militias (LM) - generally poorly equipped irregulars, horsed

Condorska Legion (CL) - well equipped veterans, modern armour and weapons

Italian Army (IA) - generally well equipped conscripts, light armour

Artillery: All units generally, apart from CA and CL, variable artillery support at start of war, increasing to plentifully supplied medium to heavy artillery.

The Alcazian Air Force (AAF) generally joined the rebels, meaning that the loyalists initially placed heavy reliance on IA and CL air support.  By mid war, however, there were well equipped veteran Loyalist Air Force (LAF) squadrons capable of providing close air support in the manner of the CL.