Glossary and Guide

Alcazia Grande (AG) - Conservative Nationalist party, inspired and led by Vallas.
Alcazian Air Force (AAF) - The prewar AAF remainded generally true to the Assembly on the outbreak of war in their outdated machines.  Some elements break away, however, to join the loyals as the Loyalist Aeronautical Force (LAF).  The AAF, meanwhile, is increasingly aided and equipped by Germania (keen to avoid arms embargos to test its equipment out), being of high quality to the end of the war.
Army of the Homeland (AH) - the pre civil war regular army. Conscript units with outdated hardware scattered in small detachments throughout the country to defend against enemies internal (and external).  Subsequently divides into the RAH and LAH.
Assaultos -  paramilitary wing of the original police, centred in urban locations and under direct control of Assembly officials.  Generally joins the rebellion and remains loyal to the Assembly on outbreak of war.

Colonial Army (CA) -  The professional cadre of the national army, sent overseas to virtual exile in the tropics for occupation duty in the colonies to keep them away from power.  Recruits volunteers from the colonies and other foreign nations on the offer of citizenship after two tours of duty.  Sworn personally to the King, its troops are loyal, experienced and well equipped.
Condorska Legion (CL) - armour, artillery and air units, composed of 'volunteers' of elite Ruskan units, sent to support the loyalist forces and ensure the rebels do not have an easy time of it in Alcazia.
Crevassinia - poor east african tribal kingdom, putting up strong resistance with international support against Italian imperialist invasion.

Das Bruderen - 'The Brotherhood', possibly mythical intenational network of agents working for Der Bruder.
Der Bruder - 'The Brother', former revolutionary colleague of Der Kamerad, now in permanent exile and alternately hiding from IMF agents and continuing to plot world revolution.  Allegedly in Mexicana.
Der Kamerad - 'Permanent Secretary of the Germanian Revolution and Germania.

Engaland - Island sea power to the north, imminent New Order electoral victory.  Until then at least, non interventionist.

Federation de la Alcazian Isquerdas (FAI) - Political party of the industrial workers' unions.
Frankia - neighboring northern country, weak popular front government, non interventionist.

Germania - industrialised socialist dictatorship, vanguard of the international revolution.  Led by Permanent Secretary, 'Der Kamerade'.  Strong support for the rebels through IMF contributions.

International Movement for Freedom (IMF) - outwardly a global network of peoples' organisations, in actuality a germanian sponsored and directed network of agents and spies.  Paricularly hateful towards suspected members of Das Bruderen.
International New Order Movement (INOM) - international network of funding and personnel sponsored by Ruskan magnates for their own purposes.
International Volunteers (IV) - organised by the IMF, a steady flow of foreign volunteers in well equipped batallions add an international dimension to the conflict. 
Italia - National Front movement of El Conte, soon to enter its third decade.  Involved in imperialist expansion by war in Crevassinia.  Large rural population, idle conscript armies, strong progagandist bent.

King Rodregiuz -Alcazian King

La Committee Grande - House of Review, which can veto laws and stall government policies. 
La Cruza (LC) - Fundamentalist religious party, mainly from the mountains.
(Loyal) Army of the Homeland (LAH) - most of the officers and some of the ranks of the original AH join the LAH.  Equipped increasingly with captured RAH and INOM sponsored 'friendship donations'.
Loyalist Air Force (LAF) - initially formed of breakaway units of the AAF who chose to remain loyal to the King, rebuilds itself with Ruskan equipment with INOM support.

Mexicana - poor central american republic, location of exiled Der Bruder.
Militias - All of the political parties run their own militias, whose purpose and scale varies from personal protection of party leaders to virtual armies controlling swathes of countryside in all but name.

National Assembly - Popular Assembly from which are drafted laws and governments made.
New Order - The militaristic party in charge of the Ruskan dictatorship, led by an anonymous coalition of generals and aristocrats.

Peon Organisation de la United Milles (POUM) - rural mass people's party, national voice of the hacienda occupations and related movements.
Policia - civil police of prewar era.  In rural areas, tend to be in opposition to local POUM forces.  In cities, less numerous, tend to be marginalised in the suburbs and thus resentful towards the local authorities (who are their paymasters).  Politicisation in the Policia led to their marginalisation and the creation of the nationally politically controlled and heavily armed paramilitary units of the Assaultos.

Republica Alcazia (RA) - Centrist party of the middle classes, declining significance as society polarises. 
(Rebel) Army of the Homeland (RAH) - the bulk of the RAH remains loyal to the NA and rebels against the monarchy when the civil war commences.  Organisation and equipment steadily improve under the rigours of war and with the assistance of Germania and the IMF.
Ruska -  Under the militaristic dictatorship of the NO, is set upon a crash course of industrialisation and 'population rationalisation'.  It's capitalist interests virtually dominate its outwardly 'neutralist' foreign policy through their combine, the INOM.  Sponsors of the Condorska Legion in the civil war.

Union Genrale Territorialistas (UGT) - regional seccessionist's party in the NA.  Will divide into loyalist and rebel factions upon the outbreak of civil war.

Vallas - Poet, inspired leader of the AG.